Meet the Chief

Steve Pegram


Steve Pegram was appointed as Chief of Goshen Township Fire and EMS in 2009. In addition to his duties as Chief in Goshen, Chief Pegram is active in both local and national fire service organizations. Chief Pegram currently serves on the Board of Directors of the International Society of Fire Service Instructors (ISFSI) and hosts an internet podcast called “The VOICE”. Chief Pegram is an active member of the International Association of Fire Chiefs (IAFC) Safety and Health section and currently represents this organization on a National Fire Protection Association (IAFC) task force reviewing the design and implementation of a safety and training program for firefighters on hybrid and electric cars.

Chief Pegram was born and raised in Brooklyn, NY, however, he started his fire service career in the suburbs of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania while still in high school. Soon after high school Chief Pegram moved to New Jersey where he attended college and served as Fire Inspector for Princeton, NJ, as well as Fire Chief in Pennington, NJ . In 1997 Chief Pegram moved to Mason, OH where he was the Deputy Fire Chief until October of 2000. From 2000 - 2007 Chief Pegram served as the Training Officer and Shift Commander for the Loveland - Symmes FD in Loveland , OH. From 2007 – 2009 he served as the Deputy Fire Chief for the City of Xenia, Ohio.

Chief Pegram has an Associates Degree in Fire Science from Mercer College in Trenton, NJ and a Bachelors Degree in Organizational Management from Wilberforce University. Chief Pegram is a 1998 graduate of the National Fire Service Staff and Command School and he has completed multiple courses through the National Fire Academy. Chief Pegram has also served on the editorial board for Fire Rescue Magazine for ten years in which he has published more than 25 articles pertaining to fire service operations. He also teaches locally and nationally on fire and EMS related topics .

Chief Pegram and his wife reside in Goshen with their two children and a dog.

Meet the Deputy Chief

Paul Hasenmeier III


Paul Hasenmeier was appointed as Deputy Chief of Goshen Township Fire and EMS in January 2015. Chief Hasenmeier possesses a bachelor’s degree in Fire Science from Columbia Southern University as well as a master’s degree in Public Administration from Capella University. Additionally, Chief Hasenmeier is certified in Ohio as a Firefighter, Paramedic, Instructor, Fire Inspector, and all of NFPA 1670’s technical rescue disciplines. Chief Hasenmeier is a graduate of the prestigious Executive Fire Officer (EFO) program at the National Fire Academy, a four year program for fire service executives.

In addition to his current duties and responsibilities as Deputy Chief in Goshen, Chief Hasenmeier is a faculty member at Columbia Southern University where he teaches on-line courses in their fire administration program. Chief Hasenmeier is an adjunct instructor for Bowling Green State University and regularly teaches at their annual state fire school. Chief Hasenmeier is a published author, blogger, and hosts a website dedicated to firefighter training. He has presented on fire service topics across the United States and in Canada. Chief Hasenmeier has also presented and facilitated school bus emergency planning to jurisdictions across the State of Ohio and in conjunction with the School Transportation News network.

Chief Hasenmeier was born and raised on the southern shore of Lake Erie in Huron, Ohio. He began his fire service career after two years of general education studies at Bowling Green State University. Chief Hasenmeier became a part-time firefighter / EMT for the City of Huron Fire Department and shortly later for the Perkins Township Fire Department. From 2002 – 2004, Chief Hasenmeier was a firefighter / paramedic for the City of Sandusky Fire Department. Chief Hasenmeier was a member of the Northwest Ohio USAR team since its inception in the post 9/11 era. From 2004 until early 2015, Chief Hasenmeier served full-time for the City of Huron Fire Department where he gained experience as a fire officer, training officer, and fire marshal.

Chief Hasenmeier and his wife live on the north-west border of Goshen with their three daughters.

Meet the Captains

Robert Rose


Captain Robert Rose began his career in the fire service in 1978 as a cadet with the Goshen Township Community Fire Department. In 1983 he was appointed as a volunteer firefighter and a few years later in 1986 he was hired as a full-time firefighter. He was promoted to Captain in 1988 and was part of the transition from a private to public fire department in 1997. Captain Rose oversees the Fire/EMS apparatus and equipment maintenance. Captain Rose and many of his family members have dedicated many years to serving Goshen Township. Robert and his wife live in Goshen Township.

Danny Vanover


Captain Danny Vanover began his career in the fire service in 1993. He has worked for multiple departments including Goshen prior to being hired full time with the Township in 2003. He was promoted to Lieutenant in 2010 and promoted to Captain in 2015. He is a firefighter, paramedic, fire instructor, fire inspector, fire officer I / II / III / IV. Captain Vanover is in charge of HIPPA compliance, run report requests, and building maintenance. Captain Vanover served as an auxiliary police officer for three years as well. Danny lives in the Maineville area with his wife and children.

Kevin Lynch


Captain Kevin Lynch has been a firefighter since 2000 and paramedic since 2003.   He was hired by Goshen Township in 2005 as a firefighter/paramedic and promoted to Lieutenant in 2010.   Kevin was then promoted to Captain in 2015. Captain Lynch is the department’s recruitment, retention, and scheduling officer.  He is also a fire inspector, fire instructor, a hazardous materials technician, Fire Officer I / II, and is an arson investigator. Captain Lynch is currently enrolled in Cincinnati State Fire Leadership Associate Degree Program. Kevin lives in the Hamilton Township area with his wife and children.

Meet the Lieutenants

Darrell Roberts


Lieutenant Darrell Roberts has been in the fire service since 1982 when he started as a volunteer Firefighter/EMT in Highland County. He has been with Goshen Township since 1988 when he was hired as a part-time Paramedic by the Goshen Life Squad. He also volunteered with the Goshen Community Fire Department until the Township combined the two departments in 1997 to form Goshen Township Fire & EMS. He continued working for Goshen part -time and was employed full time with Milford Community Fire Department until 2009 when he was hired as a full-time employee with Goshen Township. Darrell was promoted to Lieutenant in 2015. Lieutenant Roberts is the department’s EMS Coordinator, oversees the quality assessment of EMS run reports, and handles EMS supplies. Darrell and his wife live in Goshen Township.