Community Programs


Tours of your local Goshen Fire Station are available upon request. During your tour you can meet firefighters, paramedics, and EMTs along with an apparatus display; participants will have time for questions and answers. For questions regarding Station tours or to schedule your tour, please contact the Goshen Fire / EMS department at (513) 722-3500.

Senior lockbox

A locked key box that has a unique code installed that emergency responders can obtain from our dispatch center to gain entry into a residence without any damage. Participation in the Senior Lockbox Program is voluntary. If the participant no longer requires the use of the lockbox, please contact the program coordinator to set up the return of the lockbox.


helping hands senior program

Our Goal is to provide emergency responders in our community with the most updated information readily available , to better serve the residents of Goshen Twp.

Having i nformation such as the patients name, address, medical history, allergies and medic ations saves precious minutes at residences and could prevent the of delay much needed care. Having this information available to responders prior to their arrival will help free up manpower to de al with the emergency and not with just the paperwork.

Many of the surrounding communities currently have some form of this program. We would like to adopt our own version to better serve the residents of Goshen Twp.

The Information obtained for the Helpin g Hands Program along with the highly trained and experienced personnel we have here at Goshen Twp will great improve patient care and public relations.

Not only will responders have up to date information, they will also be in contact with the program pa rticipants, checking in on their day to day lives, performing home safety inspections and being a friendly voice and a caring ear. With this program needless delays of patient care due to lost pill bottles and misplaced prescriptions will be obsolete.



When responding to emergencies in the community it is vital that fire and EMS personnel find your address quickly. Any delays in finding your home could delay the care for you or your family. Green address signs are large, clear, and extremely visible at all times of day and night. Address signs can be purchased for $10 by contacting the fire department.

Please call (513) 722-3473 today to order your sign.