Victim Assistance & Rights


Assisting crime victims is a top priority for the Goshen Township Police Department. In conjunction with The Ohio Attorney General's Office and the Clermont County Prosecuting Attorney's Office we are committed to the development, implementation and perpetuation of a Victim/Witness Assistance Program. The purpose of this program is to provide victims/witnesses of crime with all reasonable assistance to protect them from harm or further injury, to nurture cooperation between the police and the victim witness and to enhance the willingness of the victim/witness to assist in prosecution.

Victims of crime experience physical, emotional and economic hardships long after the date of the injurious criminal act. If you are a victim of any of these crimes listed below, you have certain constitutional and statutory rights. Your rights are derived from the Constitution of Ohio and the Ohio Revised Code.


• Any felonious crime (i.e. murder, rape, kidnapping, felonious assault)
• Aggravated menacing • Assault
• Domestic Violence
• Intimidation of crime victim or witness Any felonious crime (i.e. murder, rape, kidnapping, felonious assault)
• Aggravated menacing
• Domestic Violence
• Intimidation of crime victim or witness
• Menacing
• Menacing by stalking
• Negligent homicide
• Vehicular homicide
• Sexual Imposition


The Goshen Township Police Department provides to all crime victims the Ohio Attorney General's booklet, Picking Up the Pieces: Your Rights & Responsibilities as a Crime Victim. This booklet explains in greater detail your rights and provides additional information to assist you as a crime victim. If you have any questions concerning your rights as a crime victim, or if you are interested in crime prevention, we encourage you to contact the Goshen Township Police Department at (513) 732.3200



• The right to receive information about your rights as a Crime Victim
• The right to appoint a representative
• The right to receive current information about the criminal investigation
• The right to be notified when the offender is arrested or released before trial
• The right to reasonable return of property
• The right to information from and meaningful discussion with the prosecutor
• The right to be free from intimidation
• The right to meaningful participation during the trial
• The right to make a statement at sentencing about the impact of the crime
• The right to participate in Criminal proceedings without jeopardizing employment status
• The right to receive notice if violent offender escapes custody before trial or sentencing
• The right to receive information after sentencing
• The right to information and input about the defendant's incarceration and parole status
• Your rights after being victimized by a Juvenile Offender
• The right to request an anti-stalking protection order
• The special rights of victims of sexual abuse
• The special rights of victims of domestic violence
• The special rights of victims of child abuse
• The rights of victims to offender's movie or book profits
• The right to compensation for economic losses resulting from crime
• The availability of other assistance to victims of crime.

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